about me

about me

Hello guys :)My name is Angie, I'm a 23 year old artist based in Poland.I have been drawing since my childhood. At the age of 17, I entered Minsk University to become an arсhitect. In my 3rd year I transferred to Poland and received an architect's diploma here. However after graduating from university, I decided to actively share my creativity on tiktok and instagram.

Now I have 2.4m followers on tiktok, 154k on instagram and more than 600k on YouTube. I chose a cartoon style because it is very fun =) Also, in addition to drawing on paper and me on canvas, I love to customize Devices and draw directly on the iPad or phone (you can see one of my collaborations with zxc in the photo)

I really love creative projects and collaborations, so don't be shy and contact me❤️

instagram : @ange_cope

TikTok: @ange_copee

personal instagram: @samoyed.lover

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